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Ukraine war latest: Biden to address NATO summit after ‘hell’ of attack on Kyiv hospital | World News

by California Digital News

By Ivor Bennett, Moscow correspondent

These are awkward comments for the Kremlin. You can just imagine Vladimir Putin’s advisors wincing behind the scenes.

Because it’s not a great look – having your guest of honour criticise you on your own turf.

Narendra Modi didn’t explicitly accuse Russia of bombing the children’s hospital but the words he chose heavily implied that.

“When innocent children are killed…the heart bleeds and that pain is very terrifying,” India’s prime minister said.

Note the word “killed”. He could have said “die”.

I think this shows he doesn’t buy Russia’s claim that the hit on the hospital was from a Ukrainian air defence missile gone wrong.

That didn’t stop the Kremlin doubling down on that today, though, with Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov calling it a “PR stunt”.

Until now, India has walked a tightrope of neutrality on the Ukraine war.

It’s been careful not to condemn Russia’s invasion – maintaining good relations with the West while simultaneously becoming a key trading partner for Moscow.

But Modi’s comments today suggest he feels that a line has been crossed.

Having said that, his visit here has still served a purpose for Vladimir Putin. Just look at the images.

The long embrace, tea on the veranda, the tour of the stables, the ride in the buggy….

If the intention was to show NATO leaders that Russia is not as isolated as they might think, then you could say the Kremlin has succeeded.

Verbally, yes, there was a slap on the wrist from Modi. But visually, it was all backslaps and bonhomie.

And this is powerful ammunition when it comes to the diplomatic war that’s being waged alongside the one on the battlefield.

Modi’s visit may not have gone to plan, but it most certainly hasn’t backfired.

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