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We can’t let U.S. economy lose to Chinese Communist Party

by California Digital News

There is little doubt that China is our No. 1 adversary. Nonstop Chinese-backed hacking and spying is directed at U.S. businesses and our government. The Chinese Community Party admits they intend to overtake the U.S. economy and become the world’s economic leader. While the threat is clear, I worry we are not taking it seriously enough.

We simply cannot allow China and their values to overtake the U.S. Whether it be physical technologies – which China continues to outright steal – or internet-based technologies like artificial intelligence, we must do what we can to ensure the U.S. remains a world leader.

Our elected officials can help in two ways. First, we need to put aside policies that slow and even stop U.S. technology development. They do nothing but give CCP-backed companies a leg up. Second, instead we need to push policies that help U.S. companies by freeing up their ability to innovate and take on Chinese companies in the world market.

If America comes together, we can defeat this attempt by China to overtake us. But it will take more than words and it will take Congress being willing to fight back.

Bruce Harrison, Oconomowoc

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