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A Viral Moment Inspired This Young Founder To Launch Her Dream (2024)

by California Digital News

Having a viral moment on social media is amazing, but can you build a successful company around it? The answer is yes—if you make the right moves.

When Kheris Rogers was getting bullied in school for her dark complexion, her sister decided to empower her by posting photos of her online with the hashtag #FlexinInMyComplexion. The posts ended up going viral on Twitter. Two days later, thanks to self confidence and the support of her family, Kheris began selling Flexin’ In My Complexion t-shirts, selling out in less than 10 minutes.

Ahead, Kheris shares four tips that helped her build her business after going viral.


How to turn a viral moment into a business 

When an unexpected viral moment happens, you don’t have long to capitalize on it before the moment is gone. Don’t let a surge of fame pass you by—if you have a business idea, be ready to act when the time is right.

1. Don’t be afraid to take a risk

After her hashtag started gaining popularity, Kheris wanted to seize the opportunity. Even though she was still in elementary school, she dreamed of creating a business that inspired people to feel confident. 

“When you have an idea, no one can stop you but yourself,” Kheris says.

If you can capture the attention of people online, take it as a chance to fearlessly lean into what’s already engaging them. While it was a bold choice, Kheris decided to take the leap because she wanted to inspire even more people with her brand’s message.

2. Ask for help

After you commit to your idea, you’ll need people who can help you get your product into customers’ hands. “It was really a family and friend business at first,” Kheris explains.

Her mom contacted a friend who made t-shirts, while her sister designed a website. “Everything was so spontaneous, and it was a company literally in the span of two days,” Kheris says. 

If you can work with people who have your back, your company will take off and be able to sustain long-term success. “There’s nothing wrong with asking for help,” Kheris says. “A lot of people are too scared, but when you need the help, go get it.”

3. Make public appearances

“I was doing so many interviews and photoshoots and traveling so much that it was keeping us relevant,” Kheris says.

After going viral, Kheris shared content with her new audience to keep them engaged and extend Flexin’ In My Complexion’s momentum. The surge of coverage online and in the news brought in new customers as well. “Consistency is key, so keep having those creative photo shoots and doing things to keep people engaged,” she says. 

4. Get your priorities in order

Kheris gave up time with her friends, staying home and getting ahead on schoolwork to make time for her business. “At the end of the day, there are people that are out there wanting their orders, and there’s a lot of sacrifices that come with that,” Kheris says. 

More than seven years later, those sacrifices have all paid off. Kheris has inspired hundreds of thousands of people with her motivational fashion, while creating her dream career. 

Gaining viral views can pay off if you embrace your self-confidence, get motivated, and aren’t afraid to ask for help. If you can follow Kheris’s advice, your viral moment has the potential to spark a new business idea. 

Learn more about Kheris’s founder story and hear her social media tips in the full Shopify Masters episode.

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