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Matt Bomer, Nathan Lane to Star in Hulu Comedy Pilot

by California Digital News

This sounds like an exciting project! “Mid-Century Modern” seems poised to bring a fresh and contemporary twist to the classic roommate sitcom genre, especially with such a talented cast and crew. Matt Bomer and Nathan Lane are both incredible actors, and their dynamic should be interesting to watch. Plus, with Linda Lavin playing Lane’s mother, it adds another layer of nostalgia and comedic potential. Ryan Murphy’s involvement suggests it will have a distinct and stylish flair.

The premise of three best friends navigating their golden years in Palm Springs with a mix of humor and heart, along with a quirky cast of characters, should provide plenty of laughs and touching moments.

The character descriptions add even more depth and intrigue to the series. Nathan Lane as Bunny Schneiderman, a successful businessman searching for love and dealing with his own worthiness, sounds like a role that will blend humor and vulnerability beautifully. Matt Bomer’s character, Jerry Frank, with his background of leaving the Mormon Church and embracing his true self, will likely bring an interesting dynamic to the group. Linda Lavin as the wise yet critical Sybil Schneiderman should add a lot of sharp wit and heart to the show. The mix of these complex characters should make for some compelling and funny storytelling.

Are you looking forward to this new series?

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