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Is it time to say goodbye or did the cancellation come too soon?

by California Digital News

You are never done telling some stories, but all stories need to come to an end. With season 7 being Station 19’s last this story too comes to an end. While you can never share some of the things they are bringing to life on television enough, these characters might be done telling them. After seven years of firefighting, telling actual and important stories as well as love, friendships and heartbreaks these characters have found a place in our hearts, but now it might be time to let them go.

Immediately after the news of the cancellation, fans came into action to save their show. They have set up petitions, used specific hashtags on social media, sent letters to ABC and tagged the network online. To top it off there was the outing they got to show the campaign to save the show on billboards in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Fans taking action has been proven successful in the past. With shows such as Lucifer, Manifest, Nashville and Brooklyn Nine-Nine for example. Whether the fans will be successful in saving Station 19 is still to be seen.

The exact reason for the cancellation is unknown and there is a lot of speculation. Some possible reasons that stand out are budget cuts after the strike, 911 coming to ABC causing the network to have two firefighter shows and the ratings have been down from previous seasons as well. But if you take a look at other Shondaland shows, except Grey’s Anatomy, they all have come to an end in the seventh season of before. Making it not too surprising to find closure for this show with the seventh season.

But there have also been some changes behind the scenes, Krista Vernoff stepped down as showrunner handing the baton to Zoanne Clack en regisseur Peter Paige. Also, the timeslot changed to 10 pm, giving its original slot to 911 which transferred to ABC for the upcoming season.

Both cast and crew have reacted to the news in the early days but have been quiet about it ever since. Does this mean they don’t care about the ending of the show? No not at all, but they might have been asked not to take action for now.

* “Grateful for an unforgettable run,” – executive producer Shonda Rhimes on Instagram,
* “Still processing this… The love runs so deep. Thank you, Shonda.” Jaina Lee Ortiz on Instagram Stories
* “…It’s been an honor and a privilege, and I hope these final episodes gift all of us the closure we all want and deserve.” Writer Emily Culver on Instagram Stories
* “…So we will fight. But we will also make the most of this season…” Danielle Savre on Instagram Stories
* “I have to say that this fan action and organization is incredible. It is deeply meaningful to understand what a big impact the show has on the fans…” Krista Vernoff on Instagram Stories.

Taking from the quotes above, let’s hope the storylines get wrapped up in ways that give closure and most of all to keep enjoying the final ten episodes that are coming our way starting March 17th.

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