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New Shooter Looks Like Cuphead Meets Doom

by California Digital News

A new gameplay trailer for upcoming indie shooter Mouse shows off the game’s cartoon action and awesome 1930s-inspired visuals, while also revealing a release window.

Back in May, Polish developer Fumi Games released a very early look at Mouse. Even in that early state, with boxy gray levels and temp art, the shooter looked impressive and unique thanks to its black-and-white, classic cartoon style and animation. Now, just before the new year, Fumi Games has released a longer trailer showing off an even better-looking version of Mouse.

IGN / Fumi Games

Mouse’s new gameplay trailer (h/t IGN) features new weapons (including a pump-action shotgun) and enemies not seen in the first teaser. We also get a look at how combat will work in this cartoon world, with the player seemingly able to dash around and blow off heads, all in glorious black-and-white animation. I especially loved the part where an enemy set on fire and turned into a cartoonish pile of ash with blinking eyes. Lovely!

Fumi Games describes Mouse as a “gritty and noir-fueled FPS shooter that draws inspiration from classic cartoons of the 1930s.” Players will take on the role of a private detective who has to explore a “noir city teeming with gangs, mobs, and characters from the dark side.” Fumi says enemies will behave like cartoon characters, which—combined with the visuals—should make Mouse play and look unlike any other shooter out there.

I was already excited to check out Mouse from that earlier teaser back in May. This latest trailer has me even more pumped, as it looks like the game is coming along nicely, with action that appears rather fast and explosive. Finally, a Cuphead for boomer shooter lovers.

As mentioned earlier, Mouse is set to launch in 2025 on PC. On Fumi’s official website, it also confirms that it has plans to bring the cartoonish shooter to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, too.


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