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Is George Santos Expelled From Office Yet? Live Updates

by California Digital News

The House of Representatives officially opened debate on the pending expulsion resolution against George Santos. Congressman Anthony D’Esposito, a fellow New York Republican who previously introduced his own resolution against Santos, spoke first.

“George Santos is a liar. In fact, he’s admitted to many of them,” he said.

D’Esposito pointed to the 23 federal charges levied against him and the two former campaign staffers that have since pleaded guilty, citing these facts as evidence that Santos “knowingly and actively participated in a widespread misconduct with his campaign.”

“I ask my colleagues. If we do not take the Ethics Committee and its results seriously, then why even have the committee in the first place?,” he said.

Santos took the floor in response, stressing that he has yet to be convicted of a crime.

“It is a predetermined necessity for some members in this body to engage in this smear campaign to destroy me. I will not stand by quietly. They want me out of this body? The people of the Third District of New York sent me here,” he said. “If they want me out, they’re gonna have to go silence those people and take the hard vote.”

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