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Emperor of Ocean Park – Grantham Coleman Set to Lead

by California Digital News


Emperor of Ocean Park, MGM+’s series adaptation of Stephen L. Carter’s best-selling novel, has found its lead.

The series, which comes from John Wells and Sherman Payne, has cast Grantham Coleman as Talcott Garland.

Set in the worlds of politics, Ivy League academia, and the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, the series centers on Talcott Garland, an Ivy League law professor whose quiet life is shattered when his father, Judge Oliver Garland, dies of an apparent heart attack. The nature of the judge’s death is questioned by Tal’s sister, Mariah, a former journalist and inveterate conspiracy theorist, who believes that the judge, a failed Black nominee to the Supreme Court, met with foul play.

Tiffany Mack plays Mariah Denton and Paulina Lule plays Kimmer Madison Garland, Tal’s wife, a high-powered lawyer on the verge of being appointed a federal judgeship who sometimes neglects the feelings of those around her, including her husband.


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