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LinkedIn Launches “Guide to Creating” to Provide More Tips for Members

by California Digital News

This is interesting.

This week, LinkedIn has changed the name of its “Linkedin for Creators” profile to “LinkedIn Guide to Creating”, as it refocuses its efforts on guiding creators within the app.

As explained by LinkedIn:

We’ve been actively listening to your feedback and are evolving to better meet your needs.  This community’s fantastic insights on the content you want more of, such as tips on driving engaging conversations, carving out your own niche, and investing in yourself, are part of what has guided this change.

The new approach will see LinkedIn share more content designed to help users maximize engagement in the app, and boost their presence.

Engaging on LinkedIn

Which could be handy, particularly when you also factor in the engagement gains that LinkedIn has seen over the last few years.

A report released earlier this year showed that sharing of original content on LinkedIn increased by 41% year-over-year in 2022, while the platform itself has continued to report “record levels” of engagement. LinkedIn’s also likely benefiting from the disruption at X, which has seen many businesses seeking alternative options for online engagement.   

As such, it could be worth considering your own LinkedIn presence, and how to maximize engagement with your LinkedIn updates and efforts.

Engaging on LinkedIn

The new LinkedIn “Guide to Creating” could provide some handy tips and pointers, with quick notes like these, coming direct from LinkedIn, providing some valuable insights.

You can follow the LinkedIn Guide to Creating page here.

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