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Susan Orosco, CHt, EFT Practitioner, Dream Coach

Are you tired of feeling powerless over what happens to you? Are you done with being worried, bleak and broke? Are you ready to rise up and take control of your life, your mind/body and your future?
I work with people who are eager to have a massive breakthrough. They may be entrepreneurs or in sales. They may be in a 9-5 job but feel stuck and stymied. They are tired of the setbacks, the effort and the commitment to their dream life only to experience blocks that seem to come from out of nowhere.
Is this you?

You may be a coach, healer or maybe you have a magnificent product or service …yet, you feel that you are spinning your wheels. You need more sales, more clients or maybe you just want more out of life!
All of this is doable.

It’s time to surpass the procrastination, resistance, doubts, feelings of unworthiness and everything else that keeps you from achieving your goals. It’s time to experience your inner power, true freedom of choice and the co-creation of your future.

808 W. Woodcroft Ave, Glendora, CA 91740




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