Social media channels like Linkedin, Facebook and TikTok are a great way for homeowners and real estate investors to find qualified buyers. With a little zest, gusto and energy, you can create a huge reach, build brand recognition and show properties without creating any financial overhead whatsoever. Quick, informative videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram are King for sellers who want to use digital media as a part of their overall marketing strategy. To help you liquidate your real estate properties by leveraging these interactive technologies, I will share my 3 best practices when publishing strategic content on social media.

1. Aim To Build Rapport Before You Aim to Sell

You don’t want to come across like you’re immediately selling something on social media. That is not a good look. We’ve all heard that people buy from who they like. If you want to sell, you want to be liked and if you want to be liked, then be likable. Being likable is the antithesis of being “salesy”. Social media platforms that emphasize video content like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are tools that you want to have so you can effortlessly match with prospective clients based on organic likability, which is characterized by shared interests and beliefs.

2. Take Your Time and Publish Media That Resonates With People on a Deep Level

The first thing I hear a lot of times from people who call themselves real estate coaches is, “You should be posting content everyday on social media.” I don’t necessarily disagree with that statement, but it misses the most important point of the entire process. Your prospective clients have standards when it comes to quality and that is key to understanding how to post on social media in a way that actually sells properties. Be a giver and look at it like you are giving gifts to your prospects. Giving prospective buyers free tips is a very powerful way to built trust and rapport. Document your unique journey. Show your passion. Make this a part of your daily routine and my solemn promise is that good things will happen.

3. Be authentic and be yourself.

A lot of real estate agents have the tendency to be contrived. They try to force an emotional reactions and it hinders the organic growth that it would have if you were just being who you already are. Knowing your audience is super important, but it is more important to know who you are, to become aware of your own personal style and develop it. That means creating content that resonates with you and your audience so you can both integrate and engage. You are selling yourself as much as you are selling your real estate. That doesn’t mean you have to pitch anything to anyone. It means respecting yourself, honoring the work you’ve done to be in this position and creating influence in an authentic way that gets the desired results.

As a HomeSmart agent, I keep a close eye on the continuously developing Southern California real estate market to locate the most optimal real estate investments, to maximize the value of funds, and keep my clients well-informed every step of the way. Being able to monitor the trends in the Southern California real estate market as events develop helps me find which particular transactions will create substantial yields. Working with me allows you to enjoy all the financial benefits real estate investing has to offer in this hot market without the hassle of having to do it all yourself.

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