Amazon’s biggest announcements from the Devices & Services event


Amazon held its latest launch event on Wednesday, announcing a ton of new hardware products and software upgrades to enhance your smart home. From new smart speakers to better Wi-Fi and even a new Kindle with a stylus pen, there was quite a lot to see at Amazon’s Devices & Services event. We’re surprised the company was able to squeeze it all in the span of about an hour.

It was an invite-only event, although we gathered some of the most significant announcements from the launch.

Echo speakers as Wi-Fi extenders

The new Echo Dot with Clock showing the temperature

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has a new generation of Echo Dot speakers, outfitted with an impressive and even a temperature sensor that can, for instance, turn on a fan if it notices your home is too hot. And the new Echo Dot with Clock can provide users with more information at a glance.

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