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You want to talk about brows? Because I want to talk about brows. I have a funny history with mine—I didn’t really think about them until about eight years ago, when I realized just how unruly they were. I dragged my butt to the nearest Benefit and had my brows waxed and tinted for the very first time. (The thought of going a full 24 years without even touching them kind of makes me sick, but that’s a tale for another time.) I guess you could say the rest is history. These days, my brows are top of mind. I get them laminated every two months, so I’m always cycling through products and looking for ones that are especially good at enhancing my brows’ color and shape in between sessions. And as always, when I least expect it, I cross paths with something so special I’ll drop every other brow product for it.

I’m officially in a committed relationship with the Lawless Brow Duo ($32). Let me start with the pencil: It adds the perfect definition. The oval shape makes it incredibly easy to fill in sparse areas without needing to be too precise. And as for the brow wax (who doesn’t love a brow wax?), the creamy formula delivers fuller brows, and that’s really what’s important. Even my co-workers think it’s a power duo that’s worth your attention. Keep scrolling for everyone’s take.

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