10 Celebrities Who Committed Terrible Crimes


In case you forgot the horrible crimes your favorite stars committed!
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Celebrities rarely fail to make headlines, and while some boast them as humanitarian do-gooders, others show a side of them we’d probably rather turn a blind eye to. Like it or not, some of our favourite stars have fallen guilty to crimes that are less than glamorous. From violent assaults to drug use, from attempted to convicted murders, some of our most beloved movie, television, sports and reality stars have made some criminally bad decisions.

Celebrities are humans just like us, so it’s not surprising that they’ve had some slip ups, but when you’re always in the limelight, those mistakes can put a major damper on your career. While some committed crimes before their golden years, others fell short when their stars were shining. And of course, there are those who went off the deep end after their fame hit its peak. But no matter the timing, celebrities have always managed to get away with shortened sentences or dismissed cases, even for the most heinous crimes. If any one can get away with murder, it is indeed our dear celebs.

In today’s video we take a look back at 10 celebrities that you may not remember have committed unforgivable crimes. Or perhaps you just erased it from your memory. But no one’s perfect, and as this list shows, especially not celebs.

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