Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico – THINGS TO DO – [June 2022]


About an hours drive north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the pacific side of Baja California Sur is the embracing town of Todos Santos.
Named a Pueblo Magico or “Magical Town” by the Mexico Secretary of Tourism; Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos are recognized as beautiful travel destinations thanks to their cultural richness, unique attractions and historic relevance.
Todos Santos is popular with artists and known for its many galleries.
To the south, beaches like San Pedrito and Los Cerritos are known for their good surfing.
Surrounded by the magnificent Sierra Laguna mountains, the climate here is much different than in Cabo San Lucas.
Todos Santos has huge music festivals, annual art festivals, creative dining and friendly people.
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With that said we are going to take you to a private vineyard and a secret hike though the jungles to an underground waterway and over-spill.
According to local legend, the Hotel California that inspired the hit song by the Eagles is located here and we will address the validity.
And… we’ll talk about this charming little towns controversy. Now let’s go check out Pueblo Magico!


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