The Doors MONEY (Live @ The Matrix San Francisco California March 10, 1967 2nd Show)(Guitar Improv)


Album:Live At The Matrix 1967
Released:Nov 18, ’08
Recorded:March 7 & 10, ’67
Genre:Psychedelic acid rock, blues rock
Label:Rhino-Bright Midnight Archives
Producer:Bruce Botnick
The Doors(band name taken from Aldous Huxley’s book The Doors Of Perception)BREAK THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE with their debut album on Jan 4, ’67 with a 4-track tape machine shaping hard bluesy acid rock like a psychedelic trip, and bringing new expectations for musicians to come. It was the groovy 60s man!The Doors debut album light up the trippy midnight of music with hit’s such as Light My Fire(No. 2 right behind behind The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band), and the long drawn out trippy poetry like, dramatic, heartbreaken love story, Vietnam bloody killing musical instrumental improv “The End”.Dangerous lyrical intense hard music that demonstrated and pushed parental advisory over the edge of sanity.Hey sweet heart, cover your kids ears because this is rock’n roll.Nah, this was just Jimbo aka “The Lizard King” Mr. Jim Morrison expressing his creative poetry, and inter demons inside of him in music.The Doors form with the start of keyboarder Ray Manzarek and finger picking, bluesy bottleneck, guitar god flamenco guitarist(type of classical guitar music)Robby Krieger.Robby picking up the electric guitar just 6 months before joining The Doors and attended the Kinnara School of Music in LA prior to going the group.Robby taken an LSD acid trip to the music store and hallucinating while staring at the beautiful ’64 or ’67 Gibson Cherry Red SG Special(possibly a Melody Maker)with P-90’s with it’s double cutaway body shaped like devil horns.The devil drew him to the guitar of choice, he was in love with a guitar in the color of his favorite influences like Chuck Berry’s Gibson ES-335, or Freddie King’s Gibson ES-355 etc.Jazz rock drummer John Densmore was asked to play the skins in the gig.Also old college friend of Ray’s from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, on Venice Beach in summer of ’65 was asked to be the lead vocalist after hearing Morrison sing “Moonlight Drive”.A poor hippy man with a whole rock concert going on in his head with sound and poetry while living on rooftops on Sunset Strip in LA.Oh that’s right, The Lizard King Jim Morrison that is.A shy artist that would have his back towards the audience during a set on stage in the early years before growing confidence and morphing into the black leathered demon that he became.The Doors were first turned down by Columbia Records and then later signed by Elektra Records after playing an extraordinary live performance at the “London Fog” and the “Whisky a Go Go”.Also being kicked out of the “Whisky” for the language use in The Doors “The End”.Of course the elephant in the room to be blamed, Jim.In addition to their dangerous performances The Doors played on the “Ed Sullivan Show” on Sept 17, ’67 to perform #1 hit “Light My Fire” but were asked not to sing the word higher because it was a drug reference.Jim being as outrageous as he was, he sang the composition as it was written.HIGHER sung loud and clear on national live television and in a result The Doors were banned to play on the show ever again.Jim Morrison’s remark, “Hey man.We just did the Sullivan Show”.Here I am playing along/completing to one of the earliest recordings/Doors concerts at Peter Abram and Marty Balin’s “The Matrix” club located in San Francisco CA.The recordings were recorded in a series of 5 shows(March 7, ’67 3 shows & March 10, ’67 2 shows).Different bootlegs of this album were released throughout the years with various titles/album covers such as “Lets Feed Ice Cream To The Rats.””Money(That’s What I Want)” written by Tamla founder Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford, and was the first hit record for Gordy’s Motown enterprise.Barrett Strong recorded it in ’59 as a single for the Tamla label, distributed nationally on Anna Records.Robby Krieger was using a mid 60’s Gibson SG Melody Maker or Special with P-90 pickups(Stolen not late after the ’67 debut album in ’70)in a Fender amp on a loud clean or tube break up setting all through out the 1st album and even a ’58 National Town & Country in late ’66-’67 seen on the “Break On Through” promo video.Robby’s amps were a Magnatone Custom(small combo amp with two 12 inch speakers), Acoustic 260(used by Robby and Ray and can be seen on stage possibly at the “Hollywood Bowl” show on July 5, ’68), Fender Twin Reverb(customized by Vince Traenor),Fender Hot Rod DeVille.The pedals in the early days was a Maestro Fuzztone or a Vox Tone Bender.
The Doors
Jim Morrison–vocals harmonica on “Crawling King Snake”
Ray Manzarek–organ keyboard bass vocals on “I’m a King Bee”, “Get Out of My Life, Woman” + “Close to You”
Robby Krieger–gtr
John Densmore-drums


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