Google faces new antitrust complaint in EU over its job search service


What you need to know

  • A Danish online job-search portal has filed an antitrust complaint versus Google for its job search tool.
  • Jobindex has accused Google of stifling competition and undermining labor markets through its Google for Jobs service.
  • EU regulators initially launched a probe into Google’s job search service in 2019.

Google’s massive presence in almost every corner of the internet makes it a favorite target of antitrust complaints and investigations, and not a single year goes by without the search giant encountering this type of regulatory hurdle. The most recent service to be scrutinized by the EU’s antitrust watchdog is its job search tool.

Google is facing a formal antitrust complaint in Europe over its online job-search service called Google for Jobs, according to Reuters (opens in new tab). In 2019, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager began probing the service (opens in new tab) following a letter from 23 job search websites from across Europe, calling on regulators to probe Google’s anti-competitive behavior in the recruitment sector.

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