BobBlast 417 – "Goof Proof Color & Design, Any Subject"


Weekly BobBlast Issue 417
Goof-Proof Color & Design, Any Subject

Welcome Back to Another BobBlast!

This is a very cool BobBlast! The overall idea is you can use the same graphic design composition, no matter what your subject or style.

Plus… in this BobBlast, we address a common design flaw we have all been guilty of — putting the subject right in the middle of our painting. “Right in the Middle” is a composition too: Called “Spiritual” – Using this composition can cause the painting to have a sense of serenity and reflection.

I prefer the more dramatic graphic design of Asymmetrical, or Off-Balance. With this composition, there is a lot going on in the painting towards one side. On the other side can be the focal point color spot.

In a landscape, I find the busy area on one side (a grove of whimsical trees) and one smaller, single and isolated subject (tree, person, barn) on the opposite side.

Initially I start my looser abstract paintings this way – eventually building the correct colors to match my Goof-Proof Color Wheel – and with the composition design clearly seen at the finish!

Demo is in three parts, using the same Composition (Asymmetrical) and Color Combo (Yellow Dominant).
•Abstract Landscape
•Abstract Floral Vase
•Non-Objective Abstract

Color and Design… the first class you take in Art School. There’s a reason!

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