BTC Is Supercharging It | Max Keiser Bitcoin Gaming


BTC Is Supercharging It | Max Keiser Bitcoin Gaming

Max Keiser, Bitcoiner, financial broadcaster, investor and writer joins this show to talk about his adventures in El Salvador and investments in line with the global hyperbitcoinisation thesis.

Some highlights of this interview:

I’m interested in bitcoin gaming which is not terribly explored…
It’s a great way to increase adoption, increase education, and increase the community.

Big countries making Bitcoin legal tender is just gonna keep rolling through until we get a global bitcoin standard.

Everyone gets a 25% tax break because the extorsion will go away.

Other countries are gonna look at that and say: “What are they doing right?” and then they’ll say: “Well, it must be this Bitcoin thing”.



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SLP371 Max Keiser – Investing For Hyperbitcoinisation With El Zonte Capital

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