😸 Let's Go to Funko Pop Hollywood | Los Angeles California


It’s summer and that means it’s time for a summer vacation! Jack and Max are heading west this summer to Los Angeles California. Our first stop today is Hollywood California and a visit to the Funko Pop Hollywood. If you’re a Funko Pops! fan, this is the place for you.

There were so many giant sized Funko Pops! figures to explore, every possible Funko Pops! available for purchase and lots and lots of Funko games, clothes and Loungefly bags.

The best part was the ability to turn yourself into a Pop. Funko Hollywood offers an experience called Pop People! Here you can design a pop that looks just like you! The boys loved having a pop version of themselves to take home.

Do you collect Funko Pops!? The Funko Hollywood location is free to visit and filled with plenty of great photo and selfie locations. learn more here: https://www.funko.com/hollywood

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Recorded on iPhone 12 Pro. Edited on iMovie. 
00:00 Introduction
01:19 Make Yourself into a Funko Pop
01:59 More to Explore
02:16 So Much Star Wars
03:00 Saturday Morning Pop
04:08 All our Favorite Pop Culture


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