Xiomara Sistas 07 Mary New Religion Medieval Mix


Xiomara – Sistas – 18 – Mary New Religion (Medieval Mix)

Get the full album: https://xiomaramusic.bandcamp.com/album/sistas

Sistas (Album 2021) by Xiomara
released July 16, 2021

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Friedrichsen
at The Grey Room, Oakland, CA 2020-2021
Mastered by Morgan Garcia

All Songs Written by Xiomara
Except “Believe In Love”, Written, produced, and performed by B. DeVeaux,
and “O Mother”, a cover, originally written and performed by Aaron Livingston
Additional writing, chorus on “Light Dep”, by Andrew “DRUVVY” McLean

Produced and Arranged by Xiomara
Co-Produced and Arranged by Aaron Livingston

Additional Production and Musical Contributions by:
Aaron Livingston
Andrew “DRUVVY” McLean
Clark Sims
Vincent “Baba Efun” Watson
Amarinder Singh
Kevin Friedrichsen
Eric Finland
Joseph Keion Minatee
Appearance by Tempest Charles on “Sistas” (Track 2)

Cover Art Photo by Miss Lopez Media
Cover Art Edit by Xiomara
Cover Photo Lighting by Carlos Gonzalez

1. The Magician
2. Sistas
3. Chardonnay
4. Chardonnay Etude
5. Lamp
6. Light Dep
7. Mary New Religion (Medieval Mix)
8. The Downside Hotel
9. The Rattler
10. For Hanna
11. Little Angel
12. Easy
13. Barbara
14. B. DeVeaux – Believe in Love by B. DeVeaux
15. Crown
16. Runaway Caroline (feat. Vincent Watson)
17. Dontcha Like It
18. Mary New Religion II (feat. Clark Sims) [Metropolis Mix]
19. O Mother


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