California Bill to Extend Last Call in Some Cities Moves Ahead – NBC Los Angeles


New legislation that would allow select cities to extend nightlife to 4 a.m. as part of a pilot program has passed a key committee.

The legislation would extend the last chance to buy alcohol in bars from 2 a.m. in cities that are designated for the program. 

The legislation, which just passed a key committee in the Assembly, will allow seven pilot cities, including the Southern California communities of West Hollywood, Coachella, Cathedral City and Palm Spring, to extend alcohol sales as late as four a.m.  

The bill will give cities options, including extending hours on certain nights and neighborhoods. Qualifying cities would have to work with law enforcement to make a public safety plan and appropriate transportation. 

State Sen. Scott Weiner introduced the legislation in 2018, but Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it, claiming it would promote late night drinking. 

Weiner states that night life is important to the culture and economy. 

This legislation will further move on to the Senate to debate whether it should pass or not.

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