Summer Thunderstorms & Heatwave; Slain El Monte Officer Promoted | California Today – June 22


A non-profit organization is helping the families of the two officers killed in El Monte last week. At the same time, one of the officers was posthumously honored with a promotion.

Los Angeles is slowly rolling out jabs for children under 5. This comes after the governor ordered hundreds of thousands of doses after federal approval.

Evacuation orders in San Mateo have been lifted as fire fighters get a blaze under control. We’ll have those details, and more.

Extreme weather has visited the state recently. The Southern California coast saw a thunderstorm in the early hours of Wednesday–that added slight relief to the scorching heatwave that rolled through the state.

Speaking of heat, the housing market is finally showing signs of wanting to cool down. But it’s only a start, as the Fed signs that investment rates may continue going up.

One city is not happy with water restrictions enacted for the state. They say they prepared for drought with their own investment, something the rest of the state hasn’t properly kept up with.

🎙️ California Today 06/22/2022
00:00 Introduction
00:49 Slain El Monte Officer Promoted, Help Offered
03:08 Los Angeles Slowly Rolls Out Children Jabs
04:37 Evacuations Lifted For San Mateo Fire
05:49 Cosby Guilty Of Emotional Distress Damages
07:41 LA Bans Bicycle Chop Shops To Reduce Theft
08:41 Officials Urge For Maximum Penalty

11:11 June Heatwave And Thunderstorms
13:05 Housing Prices Slow In SoCal, Rates Up
14:36 Customers Angered Over Oc Power Authority
16:33 California Emergency Water Regulation

🏀 Sports
18:29 LeBron James And Naomi Osaka Partner Up
19:18 50 Years Of Title IX Changing Women’s Sports
20:37 Kings Hold 4th Selection In 2022 NBA Draft

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