The 15 Best Anti-Frizz Products That Actually Work


What causes frizz?

“It really depends on the client and the condition and damage of their hair,” says Garren. “When you wear the hair down in a certain type of weather, the shape of the cuticle changes.” Humidity is another huge trigger for frizz. “Frizz occurs when the hair absorbs moisture in the air, which causes the hairs’ outermost layer to swell and expand instead of lying flat,” says Dr. Rubin.

Are some hair types more prone to frizziness?

“Curly, coily, and wavy hair types often have more frizz compared to straight hair,” says Izquierdo. “Hair types that are more prone to frizz tend to be dryer in nature, so hydration is important.” Sometimes what appears as frizz is really just the hair’s natural texture. “There’s a distinction between what frizz is versus what just natural texture is and what your curl is,” says Lopez. “They’re two completely different things.”

What are some ways to avoid frizz?

“Fighting frizz starts in the shower, so you want to make sure you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t strip the hair of its essential moisture,” says Dr. Rubin. For longer-term results, Lee and Capri recommend in-salon treatments like a Brazilian or Keratin treatment. However, “Unless you’re willing to stay indoors all summer, it all comes down to your hair-care products,” says Dr. Rubin. “Stick to a regimen of shampoo, conditioner and styling products that are designed to hydrate and smooth the hairs’ cuticles. Preventing further damage caused by heat-styling and UV rays can also help minimize frizz.” You can also use hot tools–always with heat protectant–to reduce frizz. “If you’re going for a straight look, the T3 Edge is awesome for frizz-free results,” says Lopez. “You can also make sure when you rough dry your hair to use a concentrated nozzle and as you rough dry, keep the airflow going towards the floor and don’t rough up the cuticle too much or the hair too much. Also, a silk pillowcase is a great way to avoid frizz as well,” adds Lopez.

How should you use anti-frizz products?

“If you’re using a cream or gel or leave-in conditioner, then minimal touching,” says Lopez. “So really squeeze it into the hair, smooth it onto the hair, and while your hair is drying avoid touching the hair whatsoever.”

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