Largest U.S. Pork Processor Leaving Calif.; Bitcoin Falls, Crypto Mkt Value Under $1T | NTD Business


00:00 NTD Business News: 6/13/2022
00:30 Largest U.S. Pork Processor Closing Calif. Plant
01:21 Californians Vacate to Mexico
03:15 Inflation Could’ve Been Curbed: Allianz Economist
05:12 U.S. at “Risk of Recession”: Larry Summers
05:56 Luxury Home Sales See Biggest Drop Since 2020
06:45 Wall Street: Stocks Sell Off Sharply
10:52 Bitcoin Falls 14%, Crypto Mkt Value Under $1T
11:44 Crypto Lender Celsius Freezes Withdrawals
13:38 Binance U.S. Sued Over Stablecoin Collapse
14:32 Spotify Forms Council on Harmful Content
15:07 Hong Kong: Gov’t English Teachers Must Take Oath
18:19 ‘Fancy Food Show’ Tour in New York
21:28 Prime Members Sue Amazon for Delivery Change
22:17 McDonald’s Reopens in Russia Under New Name
24:26 Researchers Turn Food Waste Into Cement

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Largest US Pork Processor Leaving Calif ; Bitcoin Falls, Crypto Mkt Value Under $1T | NTD Business


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