Collecting Mesoamerican Art, 1940–1968: Forging a Market in the United States and Mexico (Day 2)


The second international symposium of the Getty Research Institute’s Pre-Hispanic Art Provenance Initiative focuses on collecting practices in Mexico and the United States, when Hollywood luminaries and international collectors developed a taste for ancient Mexican art. By the 1960s, the pre-Hispanic past underpinned Mexican national identity, gained new audiences in international museums, and played a formal role in the history of art.

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The Pre-Hispanic Art Provenance Initiative documents and analyzes the commodification and mobilization of pre-Hispanic art and material culture by the international art market between the mid-19th and late-20th centuries.

This program is part of the GRI’s Untold Stories series, which celebrates the “untold stories” of visual culture, exploring how new works, people, and interpretations can shed new light on our understanding of and appreciation for the history of art.

This event occurred on April 28, 2022.

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