Voyager: The WORST Crypto Exchange/Wallet


The Invest Voyager Crypto App has gotten a lot of new users recently and you should know that the exchange has very HIGH hidden fees. Is Voyager App a scam? Well, they have a very dishonest way of rolling fees into your trades but it is a legit company. I just wouldn’t recommend anyone using it.

00:00 Voyager App Review
01:04 Voyager App fees
02:07 Issues with the Voyager crypto app (a lot)
06:40 Earning crypto interest with Voyager
08:36 Can you trust Voyager? Well they are a publicly traded company
10:19 Voyager App referral code

You can find more information about everything I discussed here:

If you still want to sign up for Voyager, you can use my Voyager referral code for $25 of free BTC after you trade $100:
Voyager Promo code DAN8DE

I know, I’m shilling my code even if I don’t like the app. But I like free money and I don’t like lying about how bad the exchange is for you.


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