The Awkward Existence of Japanese Love Hotels | Corporate Casket


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Welcome to the Corporate Casket, a semiweekly series where bad businesses go to die. We will discuss any and everything from bad charities, terrible CEOs, and businesses that have a lot to hide.

Love Hotels, once a prominent realm of eroticism and intimacy for the Japanese Community, fell into massive decline the past few years. We take a look at how this interesting industry was formed and how its change impacted the Japanese community. When I make it out to Japan, these are one of the types of places I want to visit!

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00:00 Intro
03:33 History of Love Hotels
08:43 Get a Room!
13:27 Crime, Corruption, and a Change in the Industry
20:12 Ads
23:08 Deprivation Via Corporate Culture and Other Factors
27:45 Outro/Closing Thoughts

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