Solving poverty in California takes more than talk: Speak out Tuesday


If you want to solve poverty, you can’t do it without listening to women, and particularly women of color. As my wife, Anna Malaika Tubbs, has noted, women of color are the folks most consistently treated as invisible, whose histories are ignored or erased. They also absorb the brunt of policy violence — legislative decisions that keep families trapped in poverty: over-policing, mass incarceration, family separation, low wages, no good jobs, lack of health care or child care, and more.

End Poverty in California recently launched our statewide listening tour at the Young Women’s Freedom Center in Los Angeles. Through 2022, we will visit communities experiencing poverty, hear community members’ stories and ideas, and explore solutions. For 30 years, the freedom center has delivered opportunities to young women and trans youths of all genders who are affected by social systems such as incarceration and foster care — a perfect place to begin our tour.

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