Soft Slab Construction with Scott Jennings


Scott demonstrates how he makes his soft slab functional tableware. Scott Jennings uses thin slabs of white stoneware and paper templates to create his unique hand built tableware. Patterns are added to the slab while flat then the form is assembled and stretched to create volume completely by hand. He leaves clues as to how each piece was constructed in the form of exposed seams or thumbprints. Transparent, brightly colored or matte white glazes are used to finish the work, accentuating the details in the form and adding a vibrant quality to each piece.

Scott studied ceramics at California State University Fullerton, earning a B.F.A. in ceramics in 1996. He has worked as a ceramics lab technician and Instructor at The Irvine Fine Arts Center and Mt. San Antonio College. He currently teaches at Ruby’s Clay Studio, Palo Alto Art Center, Higher Fire Studios, and at Clay By The Bay. His work in the ceramics industry includes working as the Dinnerware Production Manager for Heath Ceramics.


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