Impact/300: Interviews with Black Alumni from ArtCenter College of Design


Impact 90/300 is a documentary by Alumna/Director Elizabeth Gray Bayne, originally created for the 90/300 Exhibition at ArtCenterDTLA in February. The exhibit highlighted the fact that in the school’s 90 year history there have only been approximately 300 Black alumni. Both critique and celebration, the film reflects on the lack of diversity, i.e. Black students and faculty at ArtCenter, while celebrating the Black alumni who’ve gone on to have meaningful careers. The film and exhibition were only promoted during Black History Month and we regret this. As part of ArtCenter’s commitment to make our College more diverse, equitable and inclusive, we want to re-release the film as part of an ongoing discussion about what we as a school and creative community can do better, to open the floor to Black voices and hear what they have to say about the challenges they face in navigating an education where their experiences and histories are rarely reflected in the curriculum, faculty or student body.


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