2015 San Francisco Rental Market Update: California Investment Home Education



In this blog, I want to share my opinion of the rental outlook for San Francisco in 2015. Overall, I think the market is going to be great. I don’t foresee a huge frenzy like we saw in the spring and summer of 2014. The market has cooled down a bit and leveled off. We have sustained steady job growth in the Bay area, which is primarily fueled by the tech industry and biotech. There are a lot of young, well-paid employees moving to the San Francisco bay area and they are looking for apartments. Therefore, well-priced, well-maintained properties in good locations will continue to receive very strong demand throughout 2015.

The other segment of our market includes people working here who are not in the highly paid tech industries. They are also looking for housing. We have seen that they aren’t moving into super hot locations, but they’re still picky about where they’re moving and what the amenities are. In these situations…

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