seoul art galleries, toxic air, and 'hot girl walks' | a weekend in my life in korea vlog


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Hi guys! Why do I feel like I’ve lived several lifetimes since this I filmed this video lol. I always regret complaining or talking about not positive things in videos not because I dont want to share it, but because when I look back on it over a week later, it doesnt seem like such a big deal and I cringe hearing myself talk about it. But, i know there is merit to sharing in-the-moment feelings too so this goes on the list of videos i will post but will never look at again lol I hope you’re all doing well! We’re entering a bit of rainy weather here in Seoul so I’m planning on curling up inside with my massive (virtual) pile of books waiting for me~ Sending love always!

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Free Palestine.

Uncarley –
Seoul Forest –
Victoria Bakery –
vive_seoul –
Boan Art Center –
Minsik –
Minju Kim –
Pageroom 8 –
Moonassi –
Samcheongdong Sujebi –
Wooh Nayoung –
Gissella –

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art galleries, toxic air, and hot girl walks | a weekend in my life in seoul, korea vlog
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