Prince Harry falls off his horse during polo match in California


Harry fell off his horse during an intense polo match in California after returning to the US following the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. The Duke of Sussex 37 who is reportedly very unhappy and wants an apology after being ignored at the Jubilee was photographed at a polo match on Sunday 12 June. Wearing a green T-shirt with white joppers and dark brown leather chaps Harry looked in his element holding the reins of a gorgeous horse. Galloping around the field with his Los Padres team at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet club where he was spending a good time. But it all came came to an end as he fell to the ground with a snap showing the royal’s horse’s legs buckled down to the floor as Harry landed close behind. The photo shows Harry mid-landing as he’s crouched down to the floor with his arms stretched out in front of him, while his teammates crowd together to make sure he’s ok. #PrinceHarry #TheQueen #Queen #MeghanMarkle
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