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As if there wasn’t enough to celebrate for Disney World’s 50th anniversary across the country, Disneyland California Adventure Park is also celebrating a milestone this year: The 10th anniversary of Cars Land! With new merch, chances to meet its most beloved characters, and new ways to experience Cars in a whole new light, there’s no shortage of ways for fans to celebrate.

Cars Land opened at Disneyland California Adventure Park back in June 2015 and since then, it has drawn fans of the Pixar film from all over to experience these race cars come to life. Ready to be fully immersed in Cars Land during this Disneyland anniversary? Here’s what to expect!

Fan-Favorite Ways To Celebrate The Cars Land 10th Anniversary

It’s easy enough to get lost in the 12 acres that make up Cars Land and its impressive attractions. During the 10th anniversary of this Disneyland world, visitors can do many things, from posing with the race winners to taking home special Cars merch, and even jumping in one of these hot rods for the best photo ops around!

Meet The Car-Actors

Right in front of the Cozy Cone Motel, visitors will find two of their Cars favorites: Lightning McQueen and Mater. With their classically goofy and friendly expressions, it’d be hard not to want a photo with these guys, but don’t worry – as realistic as they look, they’re not likely to speed off before snapping a picture!

New To Disneyland Adventure Park: Guido Photo Op

In honor of the special 10th-anniversary celebration, Enterprise presents a new photo op for fans. The whole family can take a ride inside these chic cars, which can be found right outside Luigi’s Casa Della Tires. For fans who have always wanted the chance to zip around in their own Cars ride, this is it!

Speaking Of Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, Jump In These Old Favorites

Fans can count on racing at Radiator Springs while zipping past Ornament Valley, before stopping at Luigi’s Casa Della Tires. After a photo op with some shiny new race cars, continue zooming with Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, where fans can live out their dreams of racing an Italian-style automotive on a trackless floor.

At Night, Watch Radiator Springs Light Up

When the sun goes down, fans will be absolutely delighted to stroll through Radiator Springs as neon signs light their path. This nod to classic Americana presents a Route 66 atmosphere, bringing an incredible level of authenticity to the entire park. Fans will feel like they’ve fallen straight through their movie screens and have actually landed on the set of Cars!

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New Merch Coming To Disneyland California Adventure Park

In addition to fans’ favorite rides and new photo ops popping up around the park, fans can also look forward to adding some new merch to their collections. At Sarge’s Surplus Hut and Ramone’s House of Body Art, fans will find fun Cars-themed souvenirs along with two new pieces: Cars Land 10th Anniversary pins of both Lightning McQueen and Mator, both of which are limited edition.

Looking for something a little bigger? Keep an eye out for the chance to build a mini Cars Land with the new #DisneyPaperParks set, which was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

New Food Option At Flo’s V8 Cafe

Along with chowing down on the Ka-Cheeseburger and a giant, delicious milkshake, fans have one more Mator-specific surprise to look forward to. The new Tow Mater Premium Bucket is now available for purchase and can be refilled every time fans need to refuel as they explore more of Cars Land. This refillable Mator bucket can be found at Flo’s, but also at Filmore’s Taste-In and the Cozy Cone Motel.

Availability for this special item is as supplies last throughout the summer, as long as the 10th Anniversary of Cars Land lasts.

With so many ways to celebrate the Cars Land 10th Anniversary at Disneyland California Adventure Park, there’s never been a better time to visit than now. For fans, the love for the Cars films has lasted almost more than a decade, and Disneyland is ready to bring one’s wildest Pixar race car dreams to life – with the fans behind the driver’s side.

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