BREAKING: Biggest Recession Incoming [Crypto News Today]


BREAKING: Biggest Recession Incoming [Crypto News Today]

If you’ve been paying attention to Wall Street, the chances are high that you’ve noticed that stocks are getting pummeled. The first two years of the new decade brought their own woes along with them; the coronavirus pandemic brought new challenges to the market, which in turn sparked a massive surge in speculative investing and crypto trading as the Federal Reserve took to its aggressive spending campaign. 2022 is bringing its own brand of turmoil to the stock market, with the conflict in Eastern Europe setting a backdrop for broad market losses. With investors looking at a potential recession in the coming months, many are wondering where to put their money. And, as is now the norm thanks to the democracy of the cryptocurrency market, there are always cryptos to buy as a refuge. Recessionary periods are ripe for growth investments, presenting their own low-stake opportunities to get into hot markets.

This way of investing is certainly not kind to the faint of heart. One needs to have a high tolerance for losses in order to stay in a growth investment for the long run. That tolerance is stretched thin in a bear market. But if you’re one of those investors looking for a buy that can win big in the face of the impending economic turmoil, the crypto industry is another solid choice. Cryptocurrencies with high growth potential can be one of the best investments to make in the face of a possible recession. With that in mind, here are a number of them to consider buying in time for the incoming recession:
There are a few circumstances in which #Bitcoin isn’t considered great crypto to buy and hold onto, and now is certainly not one of them. A potential recession opens the door for Bitcoin investors to see some of the best returns they can get. Thus, Bitcoin is one of the best cryptos to buy in anticipation.
We don’t know when or in what form the big incoming recession will take. But we do know there are different ways to prepare for it today than there used to be. The old tried and true method for weathering a recession is through cash and high-quality dividend stocks with strong balance sheets. This method remains a great option, but so does investing in bitcoin. Here’s why bitcoin, the world’s best asset over the last decade, is also one of the best ways to combat a recession.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies with high growth potential, there’s perhaps no better candidate in 2022 than Ethereum. The network is on the verge of its most significant upgrade; with the new, revamped Ethereum network set to roll out in the coming months, there’s no better buying opportunity than right now.
The rise of #NFTs, metaverses, and DeFi has played a crucial role in driving the value of the Ethereum blockchain over the past few years. The Ethereum network currently hosts over 3,000 dApps. With such a massive share of the total dApps market on its platform, Ethereum has positioned itself as a potential long-term investment option for investors. Thus, Ethereum is one of the best cryptos to buy in a recession.

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