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#vanlife #adayinalife #truckee
This is my first time visiting Truckee California. This area has been a welcome surprise. It is absolutely beautiful here. I also got to experience a day of rain. I’ve been wishing for a rainy day for months. I’m smitten with Truckee and wish I could stay here a long time.

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My name is Scott and in 2015, I bought a Ram ProMaster City to live in. Even though I didn’t know much about RV’s and campervans, I set about building the van out as a minivan camper. And in April of 2016, I moved into my minivan full time.
Over the years, I’ve learned you don’t need to have a big skill set to build your own campervan. And that living as a minimalist and utilizing solar power can be a less expensive way to live. I’ve also learned that a minivan can be a very comfortable home.
Please follow along as I document my journey.

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