Don’t Miss: Spriggan, new Netflix anime adaptation of classic manga


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8 June 2022

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Spriggan is one of anime’s hottest properties. Can the ARCAM corporation’s Spriggan agents protect Earth from the deadly relics of an ancient civilisation? A new adaptation is coming to Netflix on 18 June.

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Venus has captivated astronomy historian William Sheehan and astronomer Sanjay Shridhar Limaye. This illustrated account of the planet might make you wonder whether life could have evolved there after all. To be published on 13 June.

WMTG8K Abstract background of cyborg face and technology.Big data and learning machine.Algorithm programming and artificial intelligence concept.Biometrics.

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Understanding the AI revolution is a New Scientist event featuring talks from DeepMind’s Shakir Mohamed and AI anthropologist Beth Singler. …

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