Chromebooks may soon consolidate all of your privacy settings into one place


What you need to know

  • Google appears to be preparing a new privacy option for ChromeOS.
  • The new feature will allow you to easily turn off your Chromebook’s camera via a native toggle, though other options are likely to be available in the final version.
  • This feature appears to be housed in a new location known as the privacy hub.

Chromebooks could soon get a handy feature for turning off the webcam with only a few clicks. Google appears to be working on a new privacy hub for ChromeOS, which will likely house all of your privacy settings in one place once it goes live.

At the moment, the new hub appears to be incomplete, with only a single privacy option available: a camera toggle. This will obviously allow you to disable the camera, but Chrome Unboxed (opens in new tab) speculates that more options will be available once this feature is made public.

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