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Listen to professional voice over artists read excerpts about the California Gold Rush from The Lost Gold Rush Journals. This previously unpublished western diary includes one of the best first-hand accounts of the California Gold Rush ever discovered. When he first arrived at the San Francisco Gold Rush in 1849, Daniel Jenks was a lanky 21-year-old Greenhorn. Years later however, he’d make a name for himself in Yreka California. 

Jenks spent many days panning for gold at historic California gold mining camps and wrote about Big Oak Flat, Chilean Camp, Chinese Camp, Dry Diggings, Garrote, Humbug Creek, Jacksonville, Long Gulch, Marysville, Placerville, Pioneer City aka Hog em, Savage’s Camp and Wood’s Camp. He also traveled on some of America’s historic emigrant trails; Applegate Trail, Cherokee Trail, Hastings Cutoff, Lassen Trail, Nobles Trail, Salt Lake Cutoff, The California Trail, The Oregon Trail, The Santa Fe Trail and Yreka Trail.

Jenks was Yreka Assessor from 1862-1864 and then elected Constable of Yreka Township in 1866, he was an important figure in Yreka history. One year later Daniel died and his amazing collection of gold rush stories were almost lost to time. Watch the rest of the videos in this playlist to hear professional voice over artists read interesting excerpts from the Jenks Journals. It’s Wild West storytelling, and the tale’s delivered to us in the Argonaut’s own words, rich in the color and singular culture of those California Gold Rush boomtowns.

Go West! With Daniel Jenks.

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Journal Excerpts #1: Introductions read by Michael Kussmann

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Gold Rush San Francisco – A Perfect Sodom: Daniel Jenks, Rick Hardy & Rich Daigle ~ 6:14
7:04 – Her Great Bereavement: Daniel Jenks & Angela Ohlfest ~ 1:54
9:28 – Shasta Indian Medicine: Daniel Jenks & Rick Hardy ~ 3:08
13:10 – White Wolves: Daniel Jenks & Rick Hardy ~ 4:36

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