Americans Are Leaving America in DROVES!!


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America for the longest time has been the land of the free where people could come to chase their careers and dreams. Many people moved here with high goals and ambitions and ultimately purchased their own homes and raised a family and enjoyed their life. This was the American Dream. However now Americans are Leaving America and droves and it does not seem to be slowing down. Americans are seeking Golden Passports or Second Passports or Visas. They are targeting places in South America such as Mexico, Panama and other countries with a lower costs of living and abundant food.

The big question I have is over the coming five years will we see less and less demand for housing throughout America? Possible less and less people moving here seeking the American Dream if everything is so expensive and job opportunity is not abundant?

This is the big question that I have for All Americans as this is very urgent. Since when in history have we heard of or seen so many Americans leaving America for the countries in which they moved here from? Never that I can tell. This is why I believe this trend will only continue and will only grow in the years to come.


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