NEW UPDATE!: California Releases Details About Their New Short-Term Program For Ecommerce Sellers


California just released some new information that could greatly benefit e-commerce businesses. If you have been doing business in the state of California in the last few years you have a chance to apply for a limited look-back period even if you have received a letter from the state of California. Jason and Dan are talking about a program recently established the State of California and what the benefits are for remote sellers.

Additional questions:

What are the requirements to apply? Do I qualify for California’s newest program?

What are the steps to becoming compliant?

What is the time period for applying for this program?

Will I have to pay the back taxes?

Will there be any penalty and interest attached to the back taxes owed?

How far back will California look at my records?

Will California come out with an amnesty program?

Will it really be beneficial for companies, especially FBA sellers, who do business in California?

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible as you only have 90 days to apply, file, and pay any back taxes if required. Contact me at and tell me about your specific situation and we can get on the phone with you to discuss as soon as possible.


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