California Condor Release, Sierra Martin, GBI AmeriCorps Member with The Peregrine Fund


Video courtesy of Sierra Martin, California Condor Monitoring Technician with The Peregrine Fund, Vermilion Cliffs, AZ.
“Condor 930 (tag X0) being released after a winter health check up which included many things such as getting the birds weight, checking the tag and telemetry conditions, receiving a West Nile vaccination, and most importantly a blood lead test. Condors ingest lead fragments from eating carcasses that were hunted with lead ammunition and left out on the landscape. Today, lead poisoning is the leading cause of death in California Condors, but luckily it is preventable and there are already a lot of hunters who voluntarily switch to non-lead alternatives! For more information about how lead ammunition effects wildlife, visit and so we can keep our wildlife heathy and safe!”


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