How To Overcome A Department of Justice Press Release


How to overcome a Department of Justice or Securities and Exchange Commission Press Release: Presuming one is guilty or pleads guilty this video offers strategies to deal with the fallout. Call (818) 424-2220 to schedule a complimentary call or visit to learn more.

Justin Paperny: Hi. This is Justin Paperny. Thursday, December 4th. I want to jump right into the dreaded Department of Justice press release.
I received a call from a prospect this morning, and I was beginning to write a blog and then said you know what, I’m going to do a video blog, and have my one of my two press releases posted throughout the whole video.
And, for some background, this is my press release after pleading guilty in 2007. I was a stockbroker who worked at Bear Stearns and UBS. Several years into my career I made some bad decisions on behalf of the hedge fund manager, and as a result he was sentenced to five years in prison; I served 18 months. Prior to my guilty plea I asked the US attorney to not issue a press release. He chuckled and said that I have to issue a release. It’s a deterrent and that’s the way it goes. You shouldn’t have crossed the line and committed fraud. So, I too like many of you watching had to endure this press release and I put in some strategies that have helped to me overcome it.
So back to the call this morning, this prospect said “I’ll tell you my name and my case, but you cannot Google my name.” And I said, “Okay, I’m busy. I won’t Google your case if you don’t want me to. Why?” He said, “If you Google it, you could potentially keep moving my Department of Justice press release back up to the top and it’s just very tough to read. It’s embarrassing; I’m ashamed and I just don’t want anyone to know.” I said “Okay. Besides not wanting me to Google your name, or having others Google your name, what are some other strategies you’re putting in place to overcome this release, are there you know, some of the fallout from this?” And he said, “You know my lawyer and I are meeting with a PR firm, and you know, they’re going to be writing some releases that talk about all the good I’ve done throughout my life, and you know, I think it’s a good strategy, and you know I’ve done a lot of good things.” So I said, “Okay, what’s that going to run you?” He said, “I don’t know, maybe 10 or 20 grand, but what’s 10 or 20 grand when you’re talking about your life and your good name.” Then I asked “How many of those releases are you preparing to write?” He said “Well, I’m not a professional writer. I wouldn’t know what to write. What I’m going to write? That’s what I’m paying these people to do.” He asked my opinion. I told him to not hire a PR firm like I foolishly once did. It’s like flushing money down the toilet. Nothing is going to remove that Department of Justice press release that will be there as long as we live; will be there for your kids and grandkids to see as well.

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