Penal Code 3455 PC — Violation of Post Release Community Supervision in California


Criminal defense attorney Neil Shouse explains how the state of California treats violators of post release community supervision under Penal Code 3455 PC.

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California Penal Code 3455 PC, also known as PC 3455 or 3455 PC, is the California statute that explains how the courts can treat ex-prisoners who violate the terms of their post release community supervision (PRCS).

In 2011 the state of California passed Assembly Bill 109, which is also referred to as “realignment.” Under realignment the rules regarding parole changed slightly. For parolees who had been in prison for violent crimes such as murder and sexual assault, nothing changed, they still have standard parole and are supervised by a state parole officer. However for less serious, nonviolent felonies, the parole system works differently, and is now called post release community supervision or PRCS.

PRCS is like an easier version of parole, in which the parolee is supervised by the county instead of a state parole officer. Under PRCS you can apply for an early termination after just 6 months. However there are still rules to follow under PRCS though, such as staying out of legal trouble and reporting to your county supervisor on a scheduled basis. Ex-prisoners who violate the terms of their PRCS can be reprimanded back into custody, and if they lose their hearing, they can face up to 180 days in county jail.

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