Mount Shasta, Rapid Rivers, Waterfalls – Northern California Nature


The natural beauty surrounding Mount Shasta is a nature lover’s dream. Apart from the 14,179 foot (4321.8 m) mountain itself, which, by the way, is a potentially active volcano, there is so much to discover in the region.

In this video, we enjoy the Northern California sunshine along a gorgeous river, that has numerous waterfalls, and whitewater that can challenge the most skillful canoeist (I came across a few of them while shooting this video).

“Shasta River Harmony” can be used as a visual meditation, a way to de-stress and relax, connect with the deeper parts of yourself, or simply enjoy nature.

This MOVING ART video was created by film maker and fine art photographer Jim Nilzon, who has been shooting nature for over 20 years.

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