Celebrities Who Cant Stand Katy Perry


When Katy Perry burst onto the mainstream music scene, she was a quintessential California girl. Her hits like “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” and “California Girls” made her an instant pop music success.

Perry has continued to garner a large following of teenage and adult admirers. But not everyone in Hollywood is a fan of the musician. In fact, Perry’s success over the years has also brought about feuds with other celebrities.

So, whose feathers has the pop star ruffled? It’s actually quite the list, believe it or not. Are curious to find out who? Well, stop wondering and check out this video!

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Miley Cyrus | 0:00
Calvin Harris | 1:10
Lady Gaga | 2:01
Lily Allen | 2:38
Bo Burnham | 3:24
Travie McCoy | 4:17

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