Behind the Scenes – Going to the Movies – 1910-1920 – California Fire Watch and Baking!


Hi everyone! Here’s a look at filming day for the second installment of Going to the Movies from 1910 to 1920! Join me behind the scenes as I prepare for filming and go throughout my day! It’s a short one this week since I was driving around all week and on wildfire watch. Thankfully our fires have calmed down around us, but I know as of the posting date of this video, more fires are all over the west coast. I hope you all are safe!

I sit down to chat on Saturday about my week and postpone filming until Sunday so I can give a final review on my outline. I got a lot done! I was able to review, relax, and journal a little bit too. Filming day came and I was able to film and even bake some banana bread.

Something you can look forward to in each Friday video is that I will reveal the hidden song lyric from my Wednesday videos! I’ll give a shout out if anyone guesses it correctly from the comment section of Wednesday’s video. Do you like the song that I had in this week’s video? Did you guess it correctly?

I hope you find something interesting in my videos! I have some fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks and I’m excited to see you here!

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