Sinus Drainage & Headache Relief Exercises | Maxillary & Frontal | #2


Sinus and allergy headache relief exercises that you can do daily to help yourself feel good when dealing with sinusitis, runny nose, facial pain, face pressure, fullness in your ears or eustachian tube dysfunction, swelling in your face.

The self-care techniques you will be using in the video are known to help sinusitis by increasing circulation within your sinuses, stirring up congestion, promoting sinus drainage, helping your lymphatic system remove sinusoidal debris and even help strengthen your immune system.

Acupressure massage in this video has been taken from Chinese acupuncture techniques. Specific points have been known for 100s of years to help with sinus pressure and drainage.

Helping your cranial bones and upper cervical spine with some of these techniques can aid in the flow cerebrospinal fluid. This helping of the plumbing in your head can start to ease sinus pressure.

Lymphatic drainage massage is used here to stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid. When lymph fluid is flowing, it can help reduce congestion and sinus pressure.

Along with endonasal cranial adjusting, the Muncie Technique, laser therapy, and other modalities I use the techniques in this video with my patients in my chiropractic office and am excited about sharing them with you. To recap, the video covers massage techniques, acupuncture points/pressure points, stretches and myofascial trigger points for Maxillary, Frontal, Ethmoid and Sphenoid paranasal sinuses.

Dr Fields is a practicing chiropractor in Northern California and can be reached for telehealth or in-person care by going to and clicking “book online”.

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0:00 Start
:10 Maxillary Sinus Deep Massage
1:24 Pushing on maxilla bone for sinus relief
2:18 Flexing torso with swaying back and forth for sinus drainage
2:55 Forehead massage for frontal sinus
3:48 Eyebrow pinches and rolls or sinus headache relief
5:05 Strong posture head rotations for lymphatic drainage and sinus relief
6:10 Pressure massage between the eyes
7:25 Supreme, Superior and inferior Nuchal Line Massage
9:15 Lymphatic drainage with cervical spine lateral flexions
9:55 Central suboccipital deep massage for sinuses
10:59 Knocking on the door of life
11:37 Fingers on mastoid processes and lateral flexion lifting exercises
13:35 Eye socket pressure massage


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