LG Frost Free Refrigerator – How to prevent spoilage of vegetables?


This quick and simple DIY video will try to resolve the issue of spoilage of vegetables due to direct cooling in your LG frost free refrigerator. Follow the simple steps below:
• Check for the voltage supply, use the best-quality voltage stabilizer
• Check & adjust the temperature knob to keep it as per season (refer to the recommended settings on the freezer panel)
• Regular defrosting of freezer compartment for uniform airflow
• Always keep fruits and vegetables in polythene covers with air holes or paper bags to retain moisture.
• Check if the refrigerator door’s gasket is allowing to close the door properly without letting the cooling skip outside.
For further assistance, call customer support at 1800 315 9999/1800 180 9999 or WhatsApp at +91 9711709999. Follow LG India’s Facebook & Twitter handle for all updates.


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